About the GRSAA

“Wonderful arts program! My son loved his piano lessons last summer, and I was amazed to see how much he learned in a short period of time. His teacher was very patient, encouraging and fun. He can’t wait for summer camp again this year!”

Carola from Glen Ridge

The Glen Ridge Summer Music & Art Academy seeks to provide all students an opportunity to learn a new instrument in a creative and non-competitive environment, as well as to offer intermediate and advanced students group lessons on their instrument. We are dedicated to assisting in the development of the students appreciation of beauty and sensitivity in playing their instrument.

The Art Class component of the Glen Ridge Summer Arts Camp seeks to recognize and explore the students emerging individuality while developing sensitivity to line, value, shape, color, texture, and movement in their chosen medium.

The newly-formed Acting section of the Academy seeks to offer the student an understanding of various acting techniques, as well as to expand their repertoire for expression. Our classes focus on different aspects of acting in the hopes of widening the student’s abilities.

The Academy culminates with a final performance on the last day of classes. Place and time will be provided during the final week.